“We dated for 4years before he went mad, I’ll end my life if my parents stop us from marrying” – 19yr old Vivian speaks

A young woman dating a madman swears she’ll marry him. The lady called Vivian spoke to the media following their viral videos.

Speaking to Ghpage, the young girl claimed they began dating while he was sane and she won’t leave him now.

When the man initially proposed to her, she was 15 and didn’t accept, but he persisted until she agreed to date him.

Vivian says that while he was sane, he did everything to make her happy.

Everything was OK until she visited him to bring him food, and then everything went wrong.

He told her he had a headache, so she got him water, and he struck her. He hurried away and she never saw him again. Someone informed her he was furious.

Vivian claims she went for him and shaved him. Vivian, 19, claims she won’t leave him and wants to marry and have children with him.

Her brother knows about him, but not her parents. The woman says the man rushed to her when his relatives came.

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