Trotro driver and his mate beats a police officer

A worrying video which has since gone viral on social media captures the moment a trotro driver and his mate pounced on a police officer with the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD).

Apparently, the video was made halfway into the brawl hence what actually triggered the trotro driver and his mate to beat the police officer is currently unclear.

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In the video, the trotro driver and his mate can be clearly seen physically assaulting the police officer.

They both pinned him to the floor and landed a few punches on him for some time before the police officer could get up on his feet to stop the beatings but was still unsuccessful in the attempt.

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For some time, the witnesses are seen remaining distant and watching the cop endure his agony on his own until he was able to stand up.

Several of the bystanders later moved closer to convince the trotro driver and his mate to stop beating the police officer.

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