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Simply IN: GES Withdraws Schools Semester-Based Calendar



The Minister of Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum, has coordinated that the scholastic schedule of government funded schools be returned from the semester framework to the trimester framework.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) on Thursday, January 13 declared new dates for returning of state funded schools from kindergarten to senior secondary schools.


The dates inferred that all fundamental schools would run a semester framework, a choice which shocked significant educator associations.
In this manner, just before returning of schools the nation over, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the National Assocaition of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), the Coalition of Concenerd instructors, Ghana (CCT-GH) and the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) – shaping the Unions in Education – kicked against the move refering to no information about the choice.

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“Such a significant approach change ought to have drawn in a wide discussion and accordingly find both the proclamation and the archive hostile and protests them,” they had said.

On Friday, January 21, an articulation gave by the Ministry of Education and endorsed by Press Secretary Felix Baidoo said: “After additional interview on the issue, the Honorable Minister for Education has guided that the schedule for kindergarten to Junior High School for the current scholastic year ought to return to the Trimester framework.”

Therefore, the initial term will run for a considerable length of time from Tuesday, January 18 to Thursday, April 14.
There will be around three weeks of excursion in front of the subsequent term, which starts from Tuesday, May 10 till Thursday, August 18.

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The last term will run from Tuesday, September 13 to Thursday, December 22.

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The current Organizer for NPP Kwabre-East aspiring for Constituency First Vice Chairman, Adam Mohammed Tony secured job slots for party people. Adam Tony Mohammed says the party comes first to him in everything.

Hon. Adam Tony Mohammed’s instrumentality in the NPP has never been in question, he has always given his all despite the small challenges he faces.


He has secured local government slots for party people namely Abdul-Razak M.Bawaah Saad, Nasara Coordinator hopeful, Amankwaa Richard, and Iddrisu Abdullai.

Hon. Adam Tony Mohammed has demonstrated the youth & Grassroots who happened to be the wheel and the backbone of the party are his priority.

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We are praying Adam Mohammed Tony will be voted as the next K.E First Vice Chairman to continue his fight for humanity.

Credit: Political Skilzer.

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Nana Adu Donko eulogies Hon. De-Graft Amankwaa, Adam Mohammed Tony, Francis Afful, and Team as the competent people to lead Kwabre East NPP to another victory.

Speaking to the Bampenase delegates on Saturday, a meeting held In Bampenase, Nana Adu Donko praised Hon. Adam Mohammed Tony for his numerous contribution to the party, and how he helped the party to generate funds for the 2012 General Elections when he was the Constituency Secretary.


The Former Constituency Secretary added that, now that the celebration is bent on breaking the 8 years’ election cycle, the successful participants within the NPP, cannot be substituted however slightly they must be inspired to do extra, not like the current Constituency Secretary and First Vice Chairman who has failed & have to be substituted.

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This endorsement comes after the Women Organizer for Tafo Constituency endorsed Adam Mohammed as the man NPP-Ashanti can’t afford to lose.

Nana Adu Donko added that Kwabre-NPP will see light if De-Graft leads, backed up by the affable Adam Tony and Francis Afful as the Administrator for the party.

Credit: Political Skilzer.

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NPP rewards unshaken loyalty and hard work; it shall reward Bawumia resoundingly – Group




The administering New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a political custom that rewards resolute steadfastness and difficult work, and the party won’t fail to remember the obvious responsibility and difficult work of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, a willful gathering, I Am for Bawumia has said.
A press explanation gave by the gathering on Thursday, (January 13, 2022), said most of individuals from the NPP have made plans to compensate the Vice President as the party’s next chief.

“Individuals, who are today lingering behind Dr. Bawumia as far as fame inside the party, can’t understand the reason why the Vice President is cherished by party individuals, as shown at the new public representatives gathering in Kumasi and at different occasions,” the assertion said.


“It is straightforward! Dr. Bawumia has procured his status by dint of his responsibility, difficult work, dependability, availability, and modesty. The respected DMB has demonstrated his determination as a man of relentless steadfastness who never forsakes transport. He is a man you can trust, and the party will compensate him resoundingly.”, the gathering expressed

The following is the full public statement:



I’m For Bawumia Movement, has noted with positive thinking ongoing maintained, yet frail exertion by little components inside the NPP, and their colleagues in the resistance NDC to assault the individual of the quintessential Vice President of Our Republic, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Usually, we ought to have been concerned by such harangues, however when it is coming from components who are tormented by the rising considerable status of the revered Vice President inside the majority of the NPP, we must be excited that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is to be sure the man of individuals.

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Also when such uncouth promulgation is being fuelled and enhanced by components inside the resistance NDC, drove by one of their main tacticians and a chief adversary of the NPP, there must be one significance to that; which DMB is dreaded by the two his rivals inside and the resistance.


At a time the name Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is on the lip of the mind-boggling larger part of NPP dependable as the close to lead the party, it is crude for any genuine political tactician to send off a faltering effort to scrutinize the situation with Dr. Bawumia in the NPP. Indeed, even a political novice won’t there question the status and commitments of a made man a set of experiences which may never be broken as a double cross running mate and a double cross Vice President in the NPP and Ghanaian political history.

Yet, we are not amazed! A portion of these occasional political dealers possibly flourish when they plant seed of disunity in the NPP to show to their paymasters, inward and outer that they are working.
That time is here, and they have risen up out of their hideaways, thinking they are more shrewd than larger part and benevolent individuals from the party.

They can intrigue their paymasters with such frail, empty and funny purposeful publicity, yet they can never misdirect the staggering greater part of NPP individuals, who are made plans to resoundingly compensate Bawumia for his hardwork, particularly to the party throughout the long term.


If today Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has accomplished imposing status in the NPP custom and he is individuals’ top pick to lead the party straightaway, it is a direct result of his relentless dependability and obligation to the NPP party, just as his modesty to all way of individuals.

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Individuals, who are today falling behind Dr. Bawumia as far as prominence inside the party, can’t understand the reason why the Vice President is cherished by party individuals, as exhibited at the new public representatives gathering in Kumasi and at different occasions.

It is straightforward! Dr. Bawumia has procured his status by dint of his responsibility, hardwork, devotion, availability and lowliness.

As a serious part, Dr. Bawumia stayed steadfast, deserted his prospering financial vocation and acknowledged to be a running mate for three successive occasions in the wake of losing the past two.
Having risked his banking vocation, he likewise put his political profession at risk after the second loss in 2012 by being the NPP’s STAR WITNESS in the 8-month long 2012 political race request at the Supreme Court.

Where others dreaded and flee, Dr. Bawumia put himself up for the party, and in the observer box alone, he valiantly and bravely shielded the NPP with his authentic execution in eight long months.

Greater part of NPP individuals have not, and won’t fail to remember this particular demonstration of valiance alone by Dr. Bawumia.

As a dedicated and a splendid Vice President, the his rewards for all the hard work have been one of the greatest ideas for Akufo-Addo government. Assuming digitization has today turned into the sign of the public authority, it is without a doubt down to the difficult work of Dr. Bawumia.

His persistent effort reaches out to his obligation to be on top of government organizations as Head of the Economic Management Team, as most are connected with the digitization drive and the exceptional administration of the economy.

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As a reliable individual from the party and government, Dr. Bawumia’s status as the central pundit of the NDC and the safeguard in head of both the NPP and the NDC is never in question. Both as a running mate and as Vice President, individuals from the NPP could forever be have confidence that in Dr. Bawumia, they have a brave, smart and an unwavering part who is prepared all of the time to destroy the NDC’s publicity against the party, and furthermore impart government’s accomplishments to Ghanaians.

To the occasional political traders, who are claiming not to know about the intensity of Dr. Bawumia, and why he is so adored by party individuals, they ought to simply return to crusade periods for late decisions which Bawumia was running mate, and perceive how he has endeavored to turn some until recently, NDC fortifications into NPP post.

The occasional political traders can spread their powerless purposeful publicity to drain their paymasters, yet NPP faithfuls are excessively savvy!

Bawumia is certainly not an occasional lawmaker who leaves transport and reemerges when the tempest is finished. Whatever may happen, in triumph and in disgrace, he is with the party, and entirely open to individuals, paying little mind to status, even as Vice President.

NPP is a genuine progressive faction which rewards UNSHAKEN devotion, responsibility and difficult work.

The revered DMB has demonstrated his grit as a man of UNSHAKABLE unwaveringness who never leaves transport. He is a man you can trust, and the party will compensate him resoundingly.

May NPP live forever
May Ghana live forever

Collins Ohene-Brenya
(Ag. Head of Communications)

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