Man appreciates his girlfriend for returning ₵2,000 male admirer sent to her

A young man who comes from Adekunle Ayomade has praised his fiancée for choosing to return money that a male admirer had sent to her.

Narrating his tale on social media, Adenkule who seemed impressed with his girlfriend’s honesty and loyalty said his girl received N75,000 which is almost ₵2,000 from a man who has been attempting to garner her attention.

He claims that after making numerous attempts to talk with his girlfriend, she eventually granted him an audience, and he gave her credit for it.

He claimed that the admirer tried to impress his girlfriend by using the pretext of making a purchase from his girlfriend’s store.

When he wished to pay for the N2,800 item he had purchased, he inquired as to whether she accepted transfers, to which she replied in the affirmative.

According to Adekunle, rather than see N2,800, she got a credit alert of N75,000 and immediately insisted on giving it back.

His tweet reads; ”So this guy finally got a chance to speak to my babe and boom e send am 75k as gift. Omo I thought you all were always capping about stories like this, ajeh na man Dey do man true true, she sent it back oo I was so damn proud and happy. [she told me she sent it back]”

Noting that his girlfriend might have lied about sending the money back, netizens asked him if he’s really sure that the girl returned the money to which he replied in the affirmative.

He responded by saying; ”For those asking, she was selling something so he came to buy, he was to pay N2800 and he asked if he could pay with transfer and she agreed. So instead of her to see a credit of N2800 she then saw N75000. She had to reject and insist that he gets his money back.”

See reactions trailing the post;

@CRawkeen; Na the account officer give the guy her account number abi

@alexlobaloba; Awwww… so nice! I am certain he saw her account details in the dream.

@Nathswealth41; Ladies can actually do that. I know quite a few. And it’s your duty to trust a good woman when you meet her

@Poet_Amazon; Probably nothing of such happened, he just needed engagements. Don’t be surprised if he comes up with some chat screenshots tomorrow or next week to say the girl lied and “fear women”. It’s all for engagements.

@Xtunting; 😂😂😂 he just dey pour sobo for us.. why the babe send account number in the first place when she know say she go return money

@_Copah_Jay; The next time he sends her money..I swear she isn’t sending it back and you won’t be knowing this one…Your ex loading….

@kayodebakre8; He imagined what her account number would be and boom he sent it. 😆😆. She didn’t send the account to him.😆. And she returned the money. 😆😆. God is Great.

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