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Ghana records flood in HIV cases among pregnant ladies – NACP



Dr. Stephen Ayisi Addo, Manager, National AIDS/STI Control Program has said there was a flood in instances of HIV cases among pregnant ladies in the country inferable from the expanded trust in fruitfulness among people living with HIV.

As per him, Data investigation in a Sentinel Survey directed in 2020 uncovered that ladies who had been pregnant more than once had a higher commonness contrasted with first pregnancies somewhat due to their certainty that they could have solid infants.


The review, he noted, further showed that pervasiveness among general Antenatal Care (ANC) customers was two percent and among those with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis among others was 10% in 2020.

Information from the HIV Estimates and AIDS Projections report additionally uncovered that, 5,200 new diseases of HIV were recorded in youngsters 0-14 out of an all out populace of around 19,000 out of 2020 and out of the number, 82% were females including pregnant ladies.

Since the primary instance of HIV in 1986, there were at present 346,120 individuals leaving with HIV as toward the finish of 2020, with 66 percent of the figure being females and around eight percent youngsters matured 0-14.

Dr. Ayisi Addo, talking at the seventh version of the Stakeholder Engagement and Worker Appreciation Seminar” coordinated by the Tema Regional Office of the Ghana News Agency said, up until recently, people who tried positive and became pregnant, expected that their infants would turn out to be naturally certain regularly prompting surrender of the children.

The Stakeholder Engagement is a stage carried out for state and non-state entertainers to resolve public issues and fills in as an inspirational system to perceive the article commitment of journalists towards public advancement overall and development and advancement of the Tema GNA as the modern news center point.

He said HIV smothered ripeness, and people who tried positive and were not on treatment had their richness vigor diminished because of the viral impact, adding that with treatment, “a few people were conveying sound twins.”

“In light of the end of mother to youngster transmission program where certain intercessions are given to a positive mother to forestall transmission to child, they are bringing forth more bad children, which is useful for the HIV control Program,” he said.

He, in any case, shown that that certainty and assuredness was making people living with HIV think then that, they could have more infants, and when that occurred, the danger of reinfection and new transmission to accomplices remained.

He emphasized that the danger actually continued in light of the fact that transmission could happen during origination, work and conveyance and during breastfeeding, and said if the lady was not follower to meds, it could prompt a much higher danger of transmission to infants.

He expressed that to manage the upsetting pattern, family arranging administrations and instruction should be heightened to forestall accidental pregnancies among people living with HIV, and the need to engage weak females to be more self-assured in managing likely wellsprings of disease.

In bringing down the pattern further, he said NACP was working with community oriented organizations, the Ministries of Gender and Social Protection, Education and Health to enable them to be liberated from HIV, and accentuated that “when you take crisis contraception to forestall pregnancy, it doesn’t manage STIs and HIV as it just forestalls pregnancy.”

Dr. Ayisi Addo clarified that “the substance of HIV has changed emphatically due to therapy yet in guaranteeing that individuals carry on with ordinary lives and not think HIV is as of now not an issue and be thoughtless and spread it, schooling should be heightened.”

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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says a recall of some batches of coagulated Ideal Milk and Carnation Milk products from Nestlé Ghana Ltd is underway following consumer complaints.




In a press statement issued on Monday, the FDA said it had undertaken a comprehensive regulator action to ascertain why customers’ milk were coagulated despite not being expired.

It said results from the analysis indicated that there was no microbial contamination of samples and therefore no food safety issue with the said coagulated milk products from Nestlé.


“The analysis also confirmed that there was no leaching of dangerous chemicals from the inner (lacquer) lining into the milk product,” the statement said.


The FDA explained that the coagulation was caused by poor heat stability in the skimmed milk powder used to produce the milk.

“So far, the root cause analysis indicates that the skimmed milk powder (raw material) used to produce the milk complained of has poor heat stability. This results in the denaturing of the protein leading to the coagulation of the milk. Denatured protein however poses no health risk,” the statement said.

The statement further disclosed that as of January 9, 2022, a total of 57,938 cans of the products had been retrieved by Nestlé nationwide.

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The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting The Right Way




Discontinuous fasting is supported by famous people and CEOs the same for its weight reduction and medical advantages. While there is promising proof that fasting can help our bodies fix and maybe expand our life expectancies, it probably won’t be the best methodology for getting in shape, and dietitians ask alert prior to removing suppers.

Irregular fasting is a kind of time-limited eating routine in which fasters leave a long hole between their last feast of one day and first of the following, compacting their dinners into a more limited period during the day. Normally, fasters attempt to leave a hole of 16 hours without food and eat during an eight-hour window. Discontinuous fasting isn’t the main sort of time-confined eating routine. Others like the 5:2 eating regimen (in which weight watchers eat a typical measure of nourishment for five days before two days of eating just 25% of their standard calorie consumption) center more around how much food devoured, rather than the time between dinners.


“Time-limited taking care of is utilized as a weight reduction instrument, yet it’s not my beloved methodology,” says Rachel Clarkson, author of London-based consultancy The DNA Dietitian. “You decrease calories however you don’t gain proficiency with the fundamental conduct change around the thing you’re placing into your body.”

Clarkson says that without realizing what a sound eating regimen resembles individuals put on weight again when they quit fasting. “Assuming it implies you are feeling starved and confined then the following day you may over-eat.

Along these lines, irregular fasting probably won’t be the right methodology for individuals looking for weight reduction, however there may be different motivations to change your eating designs. Fasting is connected to a cycle called autophagy, which is drawing in a ton of interest for its potential medical advantages.

Autophagy is the cycle by which the body begins to reuse the constructions inside its cells, including the core, where DNA is put away, the mitochondria, which blend the synthetic our cells use for energy, and lysosomes, which eliminate squander from our cells. In doing as such, the cell can eliminate ancient designs, opening up new unrefined substances from which new cell constructions can be assembled. A portion of the new unrefined substances may be utilized to make cell-defensive proteins that further expand the life expectancy of cells.

There is interest in whether autophagy can expand the life expectancy of entire organic entities, as well – however up to this point this has just been imitated in creatures, as 1mm-long nematode worms and mice, and not people (repressed autophagy has additionally been connected to beginning stage maturing). Until there are longitudinal investigations of human irregular fasters, it is too early to say that it will expand our life expectancies.

Yet, other creature studies have connected autophagy to enhancements in invulnerable framework memory. The way that autophagy is fundamental to keep up with cell wellbeing has likewise produced interest in its job in disease concealment. There may be a greater number of reasons than expanding life expectancy to look into autophagy.

For the majority of us, autophagy happens in our rest, however it is likewise welcomed on by exercise and starvation. Could controlled fasting assist with setting off it?

Not at all like calorie-prohibitive eating regimens (which have additionally been connected to life span), the motivation behind discontinuous fasting is to expand how much time between the last feast of one day and the first of the following. (In principle, a discontinuous quicker could eat similar measure of calories as ordinary, however practically speaking Clarkson says a great many people lessen their admission marginally.) This could assist with advancing autophagy, yet to see how we should see what befalls us after we eat.

“At the point when you quit eating at 19:00 you will in any case be in the ‘fed state’ until 22:00 on the grounds that you will in any case be processing supplements,” says Clarkson. “Any sugars in your eating regimen will provide you with a decent stock of glucose, our superior wellspring of fuel, for a couple of hours.”

The fed state is the point at which your body involves glucose in your blood as its wellspring of energy. When this energy source is spent, the body switches into a catabolic state – typically around three hours in the wake of eating. In this stage, glycogen put away in the liver and muscles is separated into glucose. At the point when we have exhausted the glycogen stores, the body changes from glucose to ketones, which are made in the liver from unsaturated fats. It’s now, a phase called ketosis, that autophagy is set off.

“We don’t know precisely when we shift from glucose to ketones,” says Clarkson. “It relies upon such countless things; hereditary qualities, wellbeing, way of life. How much glycogen you have will be founded on the amount you have eaten and how much energy you have consumed.”

Step by step instructions to quick

“To quick you need to downregulate the sensation of yearning,” says Clarkson. Hunger is felt when ghrelin, a chemical set free from our stomach, triggers the development of two different chemicals, called NPY and AgRP, in the nerve center.

While these three chemicals create sensations of yearning, there are a huge number more that stifle it. At times called the “satiety chemicals”, one of the key ones is leptin which is let out of fat cells to smother the development of ghrelin – essentially telling the body “there is fat here that you can consume”.

Ghrelin is now and again called the momentary yearning reaction since it is delivered when the stomach is unfilled and there is less strain on the stomach divider. It tends to be abrogated partially by drinking water. Leptin in the mean time works over the long haul.

“Our yearning chemicals are managed by numerous things, hereditary qualities being one of them,” says Clarkson. “Yet, contemplating the nerves that are joined to our stomach and intestinal system – assuming your stomach isn’t expanded your body will think it is ravenous.” She adds that remaining hydrated can assist with the early sensations of yearning until your body has changed. “The principal two or three weeks will be intense, yet you become acclimated to it.”

For a great many people, ketosis happens 12-24 hours in the wake of eating, so on the off chance that you have your evening feast somewhere in the range of 18:00 and 20:30, the fed state would end somewhere in the range of 21:00 and 23:30 and ketosis and autophagy may happen by 06:00 to 08:30 the next morning. “In any case, most of individuals are plunking down and opening a bundle of something different after supper,” says Clarkson. “Eating or sweet beverages and brew broaden the fed state for three hours. On the off chance that you get done with nibbling at 21:30-22:00, the fed state is being taken to 01:00-03:00,” she says. This may mean ketosis never happens before you next have a feast.

“Assuming you can settle on the educated choice regarding eating the evening feast an hour sooner and not eating, you might be getting into that ketosis state before sun-up, versus somebody who is having the high-carb evening supper and nibbling, awakening at 06:00 and never getting into that state,” she says. Clarkson proposes beginning by eating prior on a Sunday evening, or eating an hour after the fact and beginning from that point, developing from a couple of days every week.

With a cautious methodology, irregular fasting may assist your body with playing out its own fixes and recuperations. Autophagy seems to decrease with age, so giving yourself a lift sometime down the road may be valuable. Yet, know that it probably won’t be the right system for weight reduction, and there is no substitution for a decent eating routine.

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Look at The 6 Natural Drinks Men Should Take To Enable Them ‘Fire’ For Long




As a man, what you burn-through before intercourse is vital assuming you need the interaction to work out positively. Burning-through the right food can assist with upgrading your state of mind for closeness. Studies have additionally shown that a few beverages can assist a man with having better intercourse whenever devoured before the demonstration. Some of them incorporate;

1. Watermelon juice

Watermelon is a solid beverage that can assist men with having better intercourse. Devouring watermelon or drinking its juice can assist with treating erectile brokenness. It can likewise assist with keeping the male organ solid subsequently devour it routinely.
2. Tomato juice


This is one more solid beverage to burn-through to keep your organs sound. This is on the grounds that tomato juice incorporates lycopene, a cell reinforcement that can effectsly affect your body, including the soundness of your male organ. Studies have additionally shown that cell reinforcements can assist with further developing blood stream and subsequently sets men feeling better for closeness.

3. Pomegranate juice

This is one more solid beverage for the male organ. Research has shown that pomegranate juice because of its high measure of cancer prevention agents assists with moderating the tumult in the male organ particularly by reinforcing male gamete count and quality. All men ought to devour this beverage routinely.
Banana shakes are one more arrangement of good nourishment for men before closeness. This is on the grounds that bananas are likewise stacked with potassium, used to create the chemicals for intercourse and further develop heart wellbeing. Bananas likewise envelop a compound called bromelain, which assist with setting men feeling better for intercourse. All men should attempt to devour it before closeness.

5. Milk

Milk is another solid substance men should take before intercourse. Your body requires sufficient normal fat to deliver chemicals for intercourse. Milk includes fundamental fat that gives moment essentialness. Adding saffron or some newly ground ginger to your typical cuppa can likewise help you all the while. Everything men can likewise consolidate milk into their eating routine before closeness.

6. Aloe vera juice

This juice can likewise assist men with having better closeness when devoured. The rejuvenating and alleviating properties of Aloe Vera can help men during intercourse and keep the male organ sound. All men ought to devour this beverage routinely.

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