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Men Should Ejaculate At Least 21 Times A Month – Study

The review checked out what discharge recurrence meant for prostate malignant growth hazard throughout the span of 18 years.


It observed that men ages 20 to 29 who discharged multiple times or all the more every month were 19% less inclined to be determined to have prostate malignant growth than the individuals who discharged less regularly, somewhere in the range of four and seven times each month.


What’s more, it wasn’t simply youthful folks who saw the advantage: Men 40 to 49 who discharged somewhere around 21 times each month decreased their danger of creating prostate malignant growth by 22 for every cen

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First Monkeypox Case Recorded In Ashanti Mampong



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Ashanti Mampong Records Its First Case Of Monkeypox?Ashanti Mampong Records Its First Case Of Monkeypox?
According to a report provided by, yesterday, a patient who was experiencing symptoms of monkeypox sought care at the Ashanti Mampong Regional Hospital, which led to the hospital recording its first case of the most recent outbreak of monkeypox. The patient had visited the hospital earlier.

However, there is evidence that the virus has already arrived in Europe, specifically in the United Kingdom and Portugal.


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Fully vaccinated travellers into Ghana won’t take PCR tests from country of embarkation – Akufo-Addo.




From Monday, March 28, completely immunized voyagers into the nation won’t take PCR tests from the nation of embarkation to permit them section into the country through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

President Akufo-Addo who declare this during his 28th public location on measures to relieve the Covid-19 pandemic said these guests won’t be tried on appearance.


“Residents and unfamiliar occupants in Ghana, who are not completely inoculated, would, be that as it may, need to give a negative PCR test consequence of not over 48-hours, will go through an antigen test upon landing in KIA, and will be offered immunization there.

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“Ghana’s Foreign Missions have been told to make inoculation a necessity for visa procurement,” he added.

As of now, KIA just permits completely inoculated travelers, who are in control of a 72-hour negative PCR test result before embarkation and have a negative antigen test result on appearance, passage into the country.

Ghanaian residents and unfamiliar inhabitants in Ghana, who are unvaccinated or not completely immunized presently, are given waivers by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to permit them section into the country through the KIA.

They should likewise have a 72-hour negative PCR test result preceding embarkation, take an antigen test on appearance, and are offered inoculation.

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President Akufo-Addo said it is quite significant that the foundation of the Covid-19 testing framework at KIA by Frontier Healthcare Services Ltd, at its own expense, has been critical to Ghana’s capacity to restrict effectively the importation of the infection into Ghana through the air terminal.

“The viability of the testing system at KIA has won worldwide profound respect and has been commended by every one of the individuals who have gone through its trying.

“It has been one reason why Ghana was not at the less than desirable finish of a few of the movement boycotts forced by the West at the tallness of the pandemic, for which numerous African nations were impacted,” he said.

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