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Dr Daniel Nkrumah: Sodom, Gomorrah and LGBTQI+ privileges



The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a well known story. Its notoriety is drawn from its relationship with homosexuality and the severe annihilation of the two urban communities by God. Without a doubt, it is generally expected information that the word ‘homosexuality’ takes its foundations from the Biblical city of Sodom. Be that as it may, is there additional to it? Detectably, the account of Sodom and Gomorrah is typically erroneously described and not completely appreciated.

Sodom and Gomorrah are first referenced in the Bible in Genesis 10 yet the solid reference to its corrupt and fiendish nature arises in Genesis 13:13 when the Bible expresses that the men in the city were really insidious and extremely evil against the Lord.


Per the Bible’s portrayal, when God chose to annihilate Sodom and Gomorrah, it was on the grounds that the men (and ladies) in the city were extremely evil and mischievous. Once more, from the Bible’s portrayal, there was a close all inclusive condition of mischievousness and evil, and this was suitably communicated in the exchange among God and Abraham preceding the annihilation of the two urban areas.

While haggling for the inversion of God’s anger, God acknowledged Abraham recommendation that on the off chance that he (Abraham) could discover just 10 honorable men in the two urban areas, He (God) would not annihilate them (Gen. 18: 16-23). Oh well, clearly even 10 equitable men couldn’t be found and that prompted the obliteration of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unmistakably, the urban areas were not obliterated exclusively due to the exercises of gay people.

Different Allusions to Sodom and Gomorrah

It can’t be rejected that the final irritation that will be tolerated was the endeavor by some male occupants of Sodom to assault the heavenly messengers shipped off the city. However, the misrepresentation of the well known reference to Sodom and Gomorrah as an extraordinary instance of the declaration of God’s fury exclusively in view of homosexuality is exceptionally obvious in the Bible.

A couple of models might do the trick; in the Book of Jeremiah, God became suddenly angry at the prophets of Jerusalem for their untruths and infidelity and compared that to the wrongdoings of individuals of Sodom and Gomorrah: “Yet in the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen a really stunning thing: they carry out infidelity and stroll in lies;  they reinforce the hands of criminals, so nobody abandons mischievousness; every one of them have become like Sodom to me, and its occupants like Gomorrah (Jeremiah 23:14)”.

Additionally, in Ezekiel 16, God scrutinized Israel, as individuals were saturated with icon love, and He blamed them for doing more terrible than Sodom. He gave a trace of the wrongdoings and mischievousness of Sodom: “As certainly as I live, proclaims the Sovereign Lord, your sister Sodom and her girls never did what you and your girls have done.

“Presently this was the wrongdoing of your sister Sodom: She and her girls were egotistical, overloaded and uninterested; they didn’t help poor people and destitute. They were haughty and did awful things before me. Accordingly, I got rid of them as you have seen” (Ezekiel 16: 48-50).

Once more, in Jeremiah 50 and 51, God traces of the annihilation of Babylon and the transgressions of the once incredible city were spread out: Arrogance, Idolatry, Oppression/Persecution of God’s Chosen People, Defilement of the Temple; “As I toppled Sodom and Gomorrah alongside their adjoining towns,” announces the Lord, “so nobody will live there; no individuals will stay in it (Jeremiah 50:40).

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ on a few events refered to Sodom and Gomorrah and noticed that a city that didn’t get the message of Salvation or the Disciples was more ill-fated than Sodom and Gomorrah. “What’s more, whosoever will not get you, nor hear your words, when ye leave out of that house or city, shake off the residue from your feet. Verily I say unto you, It will be more okay for the place where there is Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city (Matthew 10:14)”.

Obviously, homosexuality may simply be one piece of the jigsaw: excessive admiration, self-importance, disregard of poor people and penniless, mistreatment, contaminating the sanctuary, infidelity, sex, dismissing God’s Word are largely sins that were spoken off as contemptible and welcoming the anger of God.

The risk

There is a stunningly risky reference to homosexuality as maybe the main sin to be stayed away from to save the world from God’s rage. Scriptural stories remembering the account of the flood for Noah’s time and the obliteration of Babylon and the urban areas of Sodom and Gomorrah recount an alternate story. There is the probability of falling into the snare of bogus uprightness and sin-disavowal whereby different sins and types of insidiousness are de-stressed or in some cases even celebrated, and homosexuality is solely over-underscored and condemned just to impart a misguided feeling of cultural exemplary nature or devotion.

Should homosexuality be legitimized?

We ought to never authorize homosexuality, transsexual exercises/methods, same-sex marriage and so forth or even support such demonstrations. Strictly, these demonstrations are corrupt; socially, they are tacky; socially, they are unwanted, hostile to multiplication and compromise human endurance; wellbeing savvy, they are an executioner, especially, in a nation like our own where destitution and infections stay genuine difficulties and this is obvious in the HIV/AIDS commonness rate among gay men.

However, criminalisation of these demonstrations can convey wrong messages to society and putrefy a culture of what might be mistakenly seen as ‘reasonable disdain and brutality’ against LGBTQI+ people from individuals from the general population. The tag ‘wrongdoing’ combined with the solid strict, social and social revultion, can possibly engage others to act in manners that are brutal and disdainful.

Additionally, our jails are not prepared to change gay people. For sure, jails all around the world have customarily been noted as favorable places for gay people. To place gay people in jails will plainly be counterproductive.

Clearly, supporters of the Bill in its current structure are banking their expectations that the danger of jail sentence will compel individuals to submit to change treatment. While that might be probable much of the time, there is as yet the probability that a few people might oppose such dangers, reject change treatment and rather settle on prison time.

Maybe, one of the solid positive focuses that the discussion has produced is one that lines on the foundation of Conversion Treatment Centers. It is a region more energy ought to, possibly, be directed into to assist with addressing the danger such exercises posture to society.

The Church

The view that strict associations, for example, the Churches are ready to support the arraignment of supposed gay people assaults the very establishment and order of strict associations. For example, there can be definitely no legitimization for the Christian Church to subsidize the arraignment of individuals saw to be delinquents and hoodlums. That isn’t the command of the Church and goes against the Gospel of Salvation.

It, maybe, additionally reflects a fallen condition of numerous Christian chapels, which have now become Spiritually weak and are starting to look for asylum in the law of the World. In Christian strict terms, it might mirror a Pharisee measurement of severe requirement of a Worldly law with no lacunae for Spiritual salvation or human consideration.

The Church ought to be viewed as a Spiritually strong power that should drive the transformation and change of gay people and other LGBTQI+ people with the assistance of clinical science, honorable support and viable directing administrations. To extend a reason for the criminal arraignment of LGBTQI+ people might be unchristian and may likewise fuel a condition of the profound chapter 11 of the advanced Church.

The Bill ought to be modified to mirror a more noteworthy feeling of authenticity, human generosity and love. On a basic level, it is a decent move since it tries to debilitate LGBTQI+ acts, yet, in substance, it clearly enjoys some type of fanaticism by looking to condemn such sexual directions, some were guiltlessly brought into as minors or maybe are leaned to in light of hormonal irregularities or insufficiencies.

The excessive politicization of the issues by certain people and strict establishments ought to likewise be debilitate as it undermines an impartial and compelling investigation of the issue.

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Purchasing Insurance for your cell phone. JOYNEWSPLUS.COM




At the point when you sign a cell phone contract you will typically be offered the opportunity to purchase a protection strategy from your supplier. You don’t need to purchase this protection and you really want to work out assuming it’s the most ideal choice for you.
This page informs you regarding the various sorts of protection you can get for your cell phone.

Is it worth protecting your cell phone?
Whether or not it merits protecting your cell phone will rely upon:
* the sort of handset you use, and
* assuming you have a month to month contract.
Most cell phone protection arrangements have an overabundance of at minimum £25. This implies you need to pay the first £25 of any case you make.
Assuming that you pay more only as costs arise
Assuming you have a pay-more only as costs arise bargain and a fundamental, cheap handset, losing your telephone won’t cost you that much cash thus it probably won’t merit paying month to month protection expenses. Notwithstanding, assuming that you have an over the top expensive PDA and a month to month contract, the expense of losing your telephone can be many pounds.
Recall that assuming you don’t have versatile protection, you’ll need to pay for the expense of any unapproved calls made in the middle of your telephone disappearing and you announcing it as lost or taken. Most portable protection approaches will cover these unapproved calls, albeit many might decline to pay out in the event that you left your telephone unattended in a public spot or neglected to report a burglary to your versatile organization and the police inside 24 hours.
A few organizations will cover your bill at £100 assuming your telephone is lost or taken, as long as you report it inside 24 hours.
In the event that you choose to guarantee your versatile
To guarantee your cell phone you really want to actually look at the important part of any strategy. You want to discover:
* how much the approach overabundance is – this implies the sum you’ll need to pay before any case you make is paid
* what sort of avoidances the arrangement has – for instance telephones taken from schools or other public structures are not covered by loads of approaches.
Check whether you’re now covered
Before you join to cell phone protection ensure your telephone isn’t as of now covered by:
* your home protection
* protection you get past your financial balance.
Ensure any protection you purchase for your telephone comes from an authentic organization.
* More data on the best way to keep away from cell phone protection tricks
Protection from your portable organization
The easiest and most advantageous method for safeguarding your telephone is to purchase your telephone organization’s own arrangement. You will ordinarily be offered this sort of protection when you sign your telephone contract. Be that as it may, these sort of approaches can be pricey and don’t regularly offer the best incentive for cash. Deals staff in cell phone shops might attempt to convince you to take out their own protection yet recollect:
* you don’t need to take out cell phone protection
* try not to be hurried into settling on a choice you could possibly track down a more ideal arrangement assuming you truly do some exploration.
Home protection
The least expensive choice is normally to add your telephone to your home protection as a belongings outside the home extra. This will be much less expensive than alternate methods of protecting your telephone and different belongings will likewise be covered. Anyway it’s vital to check the abundance on your home protection strategy as it very well may be £100 or more. You likewise need to recall that adding your telephone to your home protection strategy could wind up importance higher expenses. You will generally get a rebate on your home protection assuming you don’t make any cases. This implies assuming you make a case for your telephone the expense of your home protection could go up.
Remain solitary protection
You can purchase an extraordinary protection strategy to cover your telephone this is regularly called device protection and there are loads of approaches on offer. This is regularly the least expensive method for guaranteeing your telephone and you can make sure that the strategy offers precisely what you need. Ensure you really look at the agreements of the approach.
Assuming you adjust your perspective on protection
In the event that you purchase cell phone protection and afterward conclude you don’t need it, you have a 14-day chilling period, beginning from the day you got it. This implies you can drop the arrangement inside that time and get all your cash discounted.


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7 Types of Insurance





Types of Insurance
7 Types of Insurance are; Life Insurance or Personal Insurance, Property Insurance, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, Liability Insurance, Guarantee Insurance. Protection is sorted dependent on hazard, type, and risks.

7 Types of Insurance Business are;

* Life coverage or Personal Insurance.
* Property Insurance.
* Marine Insurance.
* Fire Insurance.
* Risk Insurance.
* Ensure Insurance.
* Social Insurance.
These are clarified underneath.
Life coverage
Life coverage is not the same as other protection as in, here, the topic of protection is the existence of an individual.
The guarantor will pay the proper measure of protection at the hour of death or at the expiry of a specific period.
As of now, disaster protection appreciates greatest degree since life is the main property of a person.
Every single individual requires protection.
This protection gives insurance to the family at the unexpected passing or gives a sufficient sum at the advanced age while acquiring limits are decreased.
Under close to home protection, an installment is made at the mishap.


The protection isn’t just an assurance however is a kind of speculation on the grounds that a specific aggregate is returnable to the guaranteed at the passing or the expiry of a period.

General Insurance
General protection incorporates Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Other Forms of Insurance.
Fire and Marine Insurances are totally called Property Insurance. Engine, Theft, Fidelity and Machine Insurances incorporate the degree of obligation protection partially.

The strictest type of obligation protection is constancy protection, by which the safety net provider remunerates the deficit to the safeguarded when he is under the responsibility of installment to the outsider.
Property Insurance
Under the property protection property of individual/people are safeguarded against a specific determined danger. The danger might be fire or marine risks, burglary of property or products harm to property at the mishap.
Marine Insurance

The marine dangers are; impact with a stone or boat, assaults by adversaries, fire, and caught by privateers, and so on these hazards cause harm, annihilation or vanishing of the boat and freight and non-installment of cargo.
Along these lines, marine protection guarantees transport (Hull), freight and cargo.
Beforehand just certain ostensible dangers were guaranteed yet presently the extent of marine protection had been separated into two sections; Ocean Marine Insurance and Inland Marine Insurance.
The previous protects just the marine dangers while the last option covers inland risks which might emerge with the conveyance of freight (divine beings) starting from the go of the safeguarded and may reach out up to the receipt of the freight by the purchaser (shipper) at his go down.

Fire Insurance
Fire Insurance covers the danger of fire.
Without even a trace of fire protection, the fire waste will increment not exclusively to the individual yet to the general public too.
With the assistance of fire protection, the misfortunes emerging because of fire are redressed and the general public isn’t losing a lot.
The individual is liked from such misfortunes and his property or business or industry will remain around similarly situated in which it was before the misfortune.
The fire protection doesn’t secure just misfortunes yet it gives specific weighty misfortunes likewise war hazard, unrest, riots, and so on can be safeguarded under this protection, as well.
Obligation Insurance
The overall Insurance likewise incorporates risk protection by which the guaranteed is obligated to pay the harm of property or to make up for the deficiency of persona; injury or demise.
This protection is found as devotion protection, accident coverage, and machine protection, and so on
Social Insurance
The social protection is to give assurance to the more fragile segments of the general public who can’t pay the expense for satisfactory protection.
Annuity plans, incapacity benefits, joblessness benefits, ailment protection, and modern protection are the different types of social protection.
Protection can be ordered into 4 classifications according to the danger perspective.
Individual Insurance
The individual protection incorporates protection of human existence which might experience a misfortune because of death, mishap, and infection
Along these lines, individual protection is further sub-ordered into extra security, individual mishap protection, and medical coverage.

Property Insurance
The property of an individual and of the general public is safeguarded against loss of fire and marine dangers, the harvest is guaranteed against a surprising decrease in allowance, sudden demise of the creatures occupied with business, separate of machines and burglary of the property and products.
Ensure Insurance
The assurance protection covers the misfortune emerging because of deceptive nature, vanishing, and traitorousness of the representatives or second party. The party should be involved with the agreement.
His disappointment makes misfortune the primary party.
For instance, in send out protection, the safety net provider will remunerate the deficit at the disappointment of the shippers to pay how much obligation.
Different Forms of Insurance
Other than the property and obligation protections, there are different protections that are remembered for general protection.
Instances of such protections are trade credit protections, State representatives’ protection, and so forth by which the guarantor certifications to pay a specific sum at specific occasions.
This protection is broadening quickly nowadays.
Various Insurance
The property, products, machine, Furniture, autos, significant articles, and so on can be safeguarded against the harm or annihilation because of mishap or vanishing because of robbery.
There are various types of protections for each kind of the said property by which property protection exists as well as responsibility protection and individual wounds are additionally the safety net provider.

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What Is ‘Full Coverage’?




At the point when individuals talk about “full inclusion” vehicle protection, they’re frequently alluding to a mix of inclusions that assist with securing a vehicle. In any case, there’s actually no such thing as “full inclusion” for your vehicle.

A few inclusions (like auto responsibility) are needed by state law. Others (like rental repayment) might be discretionary, contingent upon the safety net provider and your circumstance. Thus, it’s dependent upon you to pick vehicle protection that meets your requirements — ensuring your inclusion meets state prerequisites and assists you with securing your vehicle.
To begin, it might assist with understanding normal sorts of vehicle protection inclusion and regardless of whether they’re required or discretionary. Look at the accompanying diagram, then, at that point, get clarifications on what every inclusion does underneath.



Responsibility Insurance: How To Stay Protected

Kind of Car Insurance Coverage Required or Optional
Responsibility Coverage
Substantial injury risk
Property harm responsibility
Thorough Coverage Optional (except if you rent or money your vehicle)
Crash Coverage Optional (except if you rent or money your vehicle)
Clinical Payments Coverage/Personal Injury Protection Required in certain states
Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Required in certain states
Rental Reimbursement Coverage Optional
Risk inclusion is regularly remembered for all collision protection approaches, as it’s legally necessary in many states. Substantial injury responsibility inclusion helps pay for someone else’s clinical costs on the off chance that you cause a mishap. Property harm responsibility inclusion helps pay for harm you cause to someone else’s property in an auto crash.

Each state draws least responsibility inclusion lines that drivers should buy. Regularly, the obligation inclusion in a collision protection strategy will contain three cutoff points:

The greatest installment for real injury per individual
The greatest payable for real injury per mishap
The most extreme payable for property harm

You might need to go past the state necessities and purchase a strategy with higher responsibility limits. Higher inclusion restricts normally mean you’ll pay higher expenses, however you’ll have more security assuming that you cause a mishap.


On the off chance that you are as yet taking care of an automobile advance or then again assuming you have a rent on your vehicle, your lienholder or financing organization generally requires impact inclusion and exhaustive inclusion. In any case, on the off chance that your vehicle is paid off, these two inclusions are regularly discretionary on a vehicle protection strategy.

Impact inclusion assists pay with fixing or supplant your vehicle in the event that it’s harmed in a crash with another vehicle or article (like a fence). Keep in mind, impact inclusion secures your vehicle, while property harm obligation helps pay for harm you cause to another driver’s vehicle.

Extensive inclusion assists pay with fixing or supplant your vehicle in the event that it’s taken or harmed by things like hail, creature harm or defacement.

Complete and crash inclusion each have deductibles and cutoff points. A deductible is the sum you pay cash based toward a covered case. A breaking point is the greatest sum your protection will pay out for a covered case.

Rental repayment inclusion helps pay for a rental vehicle while yours is being fixed later a covered misfortune. Make certain to check as far as possible — commonly, rental repayment pays up to a specific dollar sum each day, for a set number of days.

Uninsured driver inclusion ensures you against drivers without protection. Assuming you’re harmed in a mishap brought about by another driver, that driver’s obligation protection will ordinarily assist with covering clinical costs you cause — except if that driver doesn’t have auto responsibility inclusion. All things considered, your uninsured driver inclusion would help pay for costs identified with your wounds.

Underinsured driver inclusion works in basically the same manner: It produces results assuming the other driver who caused the mishap has protection, yet their risk inclusion limits are lower than the limits that trigger underinsured drivers inclusion in your state. Actually take a look at your state’s protection necessities or ask your representative for more data about this inclusion.

Clinical installments inclusion helps pay for your (or your travelers’) clinical costs later a mishap, paying little heed to who is to blame. Covered costs might incorporate things like a medical procedure or X-beams.

Individual injury security (PIP) isn’t accessible in all states, yet it’s needed in certain states. PIP works much the same way to clinical installments inclusion — it helps cover your clinical costs coming about because of a covered misfortune. At times, it might likewise assist you with paying for different costs while you’re recuperating. These costs might incorporate youngster care administrations and lost pay because of your wounds.

While there’s actually no such thing as “full inclusion” accident protection, you can browse various vehicle protection inclusions to assist with securing you, your travelers and your vehicle. Need assistance altering your strategy? Converse with a neighborhood specialist.



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