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Criticise without insulting me; I’m human’ – Asamoah Gyan



Ex-Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan has admitted that personal attacks from people sometimes get to him.The veteran striker said although criticisms are part of the game, he’s human and doesn’t deserve to be subjected to insults.

Gyan has come under the spotlight several times despite being Ghana’s most-capped player and all-time top scorer with 51 goals.

The 36-year-old came under severe criticism when he missed a penalty against Uruguay in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup.That penalty miss eventually prevented the Black Stars from becoming the first African team to reach the last four of the World Cup.


“I’m human. Sometimes, it would get to you. Sometimes too, you’d be strong. In this world, nobody has to like you. That is why we keep on pushing,” Gyan told Joy FM.You can criticise me. Why not? This is the job I chose to do, and I’m for the people. When you criticise me with facts, then we go. Sometimes, people attack you personally. It’s like a personal thing. That is where I don’t get it.”“At the end of the day, football, we’re for the people. Asamoah Gyan scores today; he’s the best player in the world. He misses tomorrow; he’s the worst player. It all comes with the territory.”

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The former Sunderland forward also reiterated his desire to play for Asante Kotoko before he calls time on his football career.

In the 2020/21 season, Gyan return to the Ghana Premier League, but joined Legon Cities, where he played just six matches after being blighted by niggling injuries.Despite being inactive since parting ways with the Royals, the former Sunderland forward said he has plans of lining up for Kotoko.

“I would like to play for Asante Kotoko if I have to return [to playing football again]. I am a huge fan of the club,” he added.
Meanwhile, Gyan is currently on a media tour as he prepares to officially launch his memoir on April 30.

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Danquah Institute Condemns Violence At Arise Ghana Demo.




The Danquah Institute, a media, exploration and strategy association has censured the savage conflicts that guaranteed between the police and protestors at the Arise Ghana showing last Tuesday.

The Arise Ghana show switched fierce after a stalemate between the police and some protestors prompted the shooting of poisonous gas and elastic slugs which saw some cops and protestors harmed.


The Danquah Institute in a press proclamation said the activities of the protestors are unlawful and un-Ghanaian.

“The Danquah Institute censures plainly the brutal, unlawful and un-Ghanaian conduct showed by certain people who partook in an Arise Ghana exhibit of Tuesday 28th June, 2022”.

As indicated by the establishment, showings are means to communicate fulfillment or in any case of government strategies however it should be legal and kept from becoming uncontrolled, fierce and tumultuous and undermining the harmony that is appreciated by all residents.

The assertion showed that the issues conveyed as purposes behind the exhibition are connected to COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukraine war and are worldwide experienced and that administration has set up measures to address them.

“It is important that the majority of the issues imparted as the justification behind the showing are irreversibly connected to the Covid-19 pandemic period and the Russian-Ukraine war and are worldwide being capable. The rising expenses of fuel and utilities; popularity met with pandemic related supply deficiencies of consumables which has caused cost climbs and expanded paces of expansion is happening all around the word. We are glad that actions to address financial difficulties have been taken by the Government” the assertion said.

The Danquah Institute compliment the police for showing impressive skill during the exhibition and urges them to manage all as per the laws of Ghana.

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The following is the full assertion from the Danquah Institute:


The Danquah Institute denounces explicitly the brutal, unlawful and un-Ghanaian conduct displayed by certain people who partook in an Arise Ghana showing of Tuesday 28th June, 2022. The Institute wishes to reprimand the great individuals of Ghana not to take our lucky majority rule government got throughout the course of recent a very long time for conceded. Since our re-visitation of protected rule in 1992, individuals of Ghana have turn primarily to vote based means to communicate our fulfillment or in any case of government strategies, monetary and social patterns and the general states of living.

The historical backdrop of exhibitions as a type of dissent in Ghana pre dates our freedom. As the primary nation in sub-Saharan Africa to have acquired freedom from British pilgrim specialists, the nation has seen its reasonable portion of fights and showings some of which brought about public great. We should anyway comprehend that contemporary Ghana is perceived as one of the generally steady vote based systems in Africa. This status if for no good reason at all stems from the capacity of the country to likewise guarantee shows are legal and are kept from becoming uncontrolled, savage and turbulent and weakening the harmony that is delighted in by all residents of the country. This likewise permits the wellbeing and security of all residents who either effectively partake in the show or who decide not to, yet would need to participate in their typical everyday exercises.

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After at first showing that they expected to hold a Forty-Eight (48) hour exhibition, the High Court of Ghana, upon an application by Ghana Police Service, decided the time, course and area for the arranged exhibit. The Court was clear in its Order that the demonstrators were to unite at the Obra Spot situated at Circle at 8am, and the exhibit was to end at the Independence Square at 4pm, where a delegate of the President would accept their request, if any on the day being referred to. The coordinators of the exhibition were subsequently reproved to rigorously stick to the Order of the Court as well as the Public Order Act.

That in any case, on the primary day of the exhibition, obviously the demonstrators had zero desire to agree with the Public Order Act or the Court Order besides, by their emphasis on utilizing an unapproved course prompting the Jubilee House. It is likewise profoundly appalling that a portion of the demonstrators began tossing stones and other hostile weapons at the Police for not an obvious explanation, prompting wounds of Police Officers and obliteration of public property including Police vehicles. The Institute accepts that benevolent Ghanaians who are essentially leaving on a serene showing could not have possibly come equipped with hostile weapons, stones and revolting gadgets, on the off chance that not pre-thought by a rationale to make savagery and obliteration.

We wish that the overall population would take note of that never throughout the entire existence of our Fourth Republic has there been an exhibition where the Ghana Police Service has been pelted with stones and other hostile weapons. We unequivocally sentence this activity and appeal to individuals’ soul to do moreover. We likewise have noted proof based charges of the help got from a few known characters inside the resistance NDC in regard of the previously mentioned rough scenes and unlawful way of behaving, and we wish to remark that this is a fairly lamentable imprint in our majority rules system. We are sure that the ideal and expert mediation by the Ghana Police Service, controlled a circumstance that might have deteriorated and heightened to where considerably more open and confidential property would have been harmed, or more awful still valuable lives lost.

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It is actually significant that the majority of the issues conveyed as the justification behind the exhibition are unalterably connected to the Covid-19 pandemic period and the Russian-Ukraine war and are universally being capable. The rising expenses of fuel and utilities; appeal met with pandemic related supply deficiencies of consumables which has caused cost climbs and expanded paces of expansion is happening all around the word. We are glad that actions to address financial difficulties have been taken by the Government. The exceptional monetary development of the 2017-2019 period isn’t to be neglected. We accept that Government will keep on pursuing the most ideal choices to support all Ghanaians.

Yet again we are grateful that the security administrations are up and giving their all in safeguarding our country Ghana from people who try to make shakiness. The Institute lauds the Ghana Police Service for their impressive skill and urges them to think about all people as per the law.

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Chelsea set to recruit Tom Glick as new chief




Chelsea are set to employ Tom Glick, a previous leader at Manchester City FC’s parent organization, to assume responsibility for the club’s everyday tasks.

New proprietor Todd Boehly is driving an upgrade of the Chelsea board which has seen Bruce Buck, Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech all leave the club, with Boehly himself right now working as executive and break wearing chief.


Granovskaia recently drove the everyday business at Chelsea however Sky News have uncovered that her obligations will be given to Glick, whose landing in Stamford Bridge is supposed to be affirmed before very long.

It muddled title Glick will be given yet the previous boss business official at City Football Group will be given the opportunity to run Chelsea’s everyday dealings close by Boehly.

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Glick was CEO at Derby County somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2012 preceding moving to City Football Group, while he as of late partaken in a spell as leader of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

Should his transition to Chelsea go through, Glick would probably play a critical part in Chelsea’s exchange business until the end of the late spring, with the Blues actually hoping to make various signings to support Thomas Tuchel’s crew.

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Germany Transfers Legal Rights in Benin Artifacts to Nigeria




We recreate under a public statement gave by Berlin Post-kolonial on the event of the marking of a Joint Political Declaration on the compensation of the Benin Bronzes endorsed by Germany and Nigeria.

Perusers will presumably recall that the subject of the compensation of the Benin Bronzes stole from by a British Army in 1897 has been in conversation for quite a while and we have made sense of in all the controverses encompassing these valuable fortunes the British took and offered to European and American exhibition halls while keeping an enormous number in the British Museum. The Germans have stayed faithful to their obligation and returned legitimate responsibility for curios to Nigeria.

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Post-Kolonial and other German associations play had a significant impact in obliging Germany to look at its pioneer history and to reestablish to the genuine proprietors the valuable fortunes that have been kept away for more than 100 years.

We trust that other European countries, for example, the British who began the entire round of stealing from fortune will follow the German model.

Kwame Opoku.

Official statement. Berlin Post-Kolonial 01.07. 2022

Return of the Benin Bronzes: Germany should give up property freedoms to every social fortune and body portions of colonized individuals

On the event of the formal marking of the Joint Political Declaration on the Restitution of the Benin Bronzes and the Bilateral Museum Cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal Republic of Nigeria today, 01 July 2022, we approach the Federal Government, the Federal States and the neighborhood specialists to work all the more enthusiastically on the exchange of responsibility for fortunes and body portions of colonized individuals.

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Berlin Postkolonial invites the compensation of the Benin bronzes as a progress of the relatives of colonized individuals, who had the option to defeat the ongoing proprietors’ long term protection from compensation. Nonetheless, the social fortunes caught in Benin City address just the tip of the (provincial) ice sheet.

Likewise, we require a cross country guideline that concedes the relatives of the colonized the right of proprietorship to their social fortunes and predecessors. Research on and presentation of social items and colonized precursors ought to as of now not be managed without their express assent. Repatriations ought to never again rely upon the assent of the ongoing proprietors.

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