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What is Campari Price In Nigeria?

Of Course, you don’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic before you can take Campari. Campari is served at many bars, clubs, and other venues and is highly demanded because of its great value. It is an alcoholic liqueur of Italian origin; Campari is, however, considered an aperitif.

Depending on the country where it is sold, the Italian bitters come in different alcoholic concentrations ranging from 20.5% to 28.5%. The Campari Bitters sold in Nigeria have an ABV of 25%. There are many bitters brands in Nigeria; however, Campari bitters remains one of the best. It is produced by the Davide Campari Group, a multinational company based in Italy.

The Italian bitters was created in 1860 by Italia, mixing a total of 68 herbs and spices. However, in addition to the fundamental herbs and spices, the Italian also infused plants and fruits with water and alcohol. This resulted in a rich and complex aperitif giving it a bittersweet flavor. The bitters mix perfectly in cocktails.

Campari Bitters is characterized by its dark red color, making it unique among the other brands in the country. Due to the nutritional and alcoholic benefits of bitters, they are gaining more popularity in Nigerian bars and lounges. They are also known to have relatively low pricing.

If you are planning to buy yourself a bottle of Campari bitters, you would need to know the price of each size. Since there are different sizes of Italian bitters, they would also have different pricing. Don’t get worked up; the prices are relatively low.

However, before we check Campari price in Nigeria, it would be best for you to see the health benefits of Campari bitters and why you should take them regularly.

What Are the Health Benefits of Campari?

Campari has various health benefits. In fact, bitters, in general, are very healthy. One of the benefits of taking Campari is that it aids digestion. Now, you can say bye to the issues of indigestion you might probably be facing before when you take Campari.

Campari also helps boost the immune system. When it enters the bloodstream, it helps strengthen the White Blood Cells, which are mainly responsible for immunity. The immunity power of this Campari is due to its fruit content. Fruits are known to contain vitamins that help fight against diseases.

Campari cleanses the Liver. The primary function of the liver is to detoxify substances that enter into the bloodstream. Over time, the liver would have to be cleansed of all these toxic chemicals it has withdrawn from food. You can trust Campari to do this.

Campari also helps improve appetite. The drink has been linked to solving so many cases of appetite loss. It also helps to reduce inflammation of body parts and organs. However, even with these benefits, there is something you should be cautious about.

Various Uses Of Campari Bitters

Campari Bitters has a lot of applications. It all depends on how you want yours. Campari is often used in cocktails, which is the most widespread, especially in clubs, bars, and lounges. It is commonly served with soda water or sometimes citrus juice – usually pink grapefruit juice.

It can also be garnished with either blood orange or blood lime slice to help increase its vitamin content. Campari is sometimes mixed with prosecco as a spritz. If you have heard of the classic Negroni cocktail (the Garibaldi) or had a taste of it, you should be aware that Campari is an essential ingredient in the mixture.

The Garibaldi is also referred to as the Americano; the name was given when Americans became aware of Campari. In the Italian market, Campari is mixed with soda water and is sold in individual bottles as Campari Soda; this contains 10% alcohol by volume.

Campari Soda is usually packaged in a unique bottle designed by the famous Fortunato Depero in 1932. However, the soda is not sold in Nigeria. It is only sold in the Italian Market.

Campari Price In Nigeria

Campari Bitters 100CL, 25% – Italian Spirit Aperitif
Price: N8,000 per Unit

Campari Bitters 70CL, 25% – Italian Spirit Aperitif
Price: N6,000 per Unit

Campari Bitters 20CL, 25% – Italian Spirit Aperitif
Price: 2,800 per Unit

Campari Classic Italian Bitter Liqueur 1 Litre, 6 Bottles
Price: N47,500

Where Is Campari Sold?

You can literally find Campari bitters at any liquor store in Nigeria. However, if you don’t have any liquor store close to you, you can order online from various approved vendors like Jumia, JiJi, Addide, and the likes. You will also find Campari bitters when visiting bars, lounges, nightclubs, etc.

What Kind of Alcohol is Campari?

I received daily questions from people asking what kind of alcohol Campari is. Of course, if you have had a taste of Campari, you will testify that it is different from many other liquors sold in the country. Campari is an herbaceous, bittersweet Italian liqueur.

The Italian bitters, Campari, gives the Negroni its bouquet of orange and grapefruit and plenty of other drinks their elan vital. It can be mixed with cocktails to enjoy it better.

Why Does Campari taste so good?

When you taste Campari, you’d see it is pretty different from other bitters brands in the country. You will wonder why liquor tastes so good. Well, the great taste of Campari is attributed to the presence of fruits in its mixture.

Campari has a flavor of a strong bittersweet orange, such as lime. There are also traces of cherry, cinnamon, and clove in the liquor. It is one of the most bitter spirits you will taste, adding to its appeal for many drinkers.

Can I drink Campari Alone?

I would say that this depends absolutely on who is drinking it. Many people enjoy taking Campari smooth without mixing; however some might find this overpowering, especially those who are not accustomed to alcohol and its bitter taste.

If you are trying Campari for the first time, I would advise that you mix it with club soda to lighten the taste and make it more appealing to your taste buds.